Forget bitcoins. The new global currency is information. In addition to their staff, physical assets and money, executives have raw data and knowledge at their disposal. A single piece of information has the potential to change an entire business strategy. However, the true value of information is still misunderstood despite its tremendous impact on business growth. Despite years of business experience, many executives still fail to utilize information available on different online platforms. They also often overlook the fact that consumers vote with their wallets. Consumers increasingly demand not only quality products or services but also an exceptional brand experience. To ensure a remarkable brand communications strategy, executives thus need to upgrade the process of processing raw data and knowledge available to them on numerous online platforms. Doing so increases the chances of getting more consumer wallet votes, thus securing one’s market position.

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“Nothing but the best is good enough.” This observation well reflects my attitude to work: I genuinely care about the quality of my work and the long-term value that I create. This idea underlies my decision to launch my personal website birgelyte.com. Its concept is simple: Wikipedia for professionals. I share here information that could be useful to people from different professional backgrounds. I cover topics like business, marketing or innovation. I filter out information chaos widespread online, reject information of questionable quality and try to create texts that would be both informative and actionable. My aim is to provide quality information that would be useful to the business community, and could be used as a point of reference when making decisions on the best course of action. I believe that quality information determines the success of business and its potential for further growth.

Birute Birgelyte

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