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This formula underlies my decision to launch NDX Ventures, a Northern innovation info-boutique, which has taken the challenge of covering innovations developed in the Nordics and Baltics behind the scenes. Despite their solid value propositions, Northern innovations are still poorly explored worldwide. Part of the reason is the fact that information about Northern innovations is still scarce. NDX Ventures addresses this gap by collecting and processing that information into Ar(c)ticles. The info-boutique is also a platform for innovation-related projects. It aims to find innovative solutions to knowledge crowdsourcing which could help enhance one’s innovation development know-how. It taps into the potential of Northern collective intelligence, and explores its practical applications in the form of Projects.

Its first project is D’Effect Factory, a creative platform for d’effective brand experiences. I share here my insights on d’effective brand communications (brandcomms) and turn my knowledge into actionable consultations. My main aim is to help professionals and companies successfully operate in the brand economy. I think that the success of any brandcomms strategy depends on the d’effect factor: both personal and business brands need to communicate their value to their target audience effectively, competitively and with an innovative edge. This idea underlies my work: I assess each brand’s individual needs, long-term goals and present-day communications to suggest a brandcomms strategy that aims to deliver brand experiences that exceed customer expectations and increase brand competitiveness.

To position your brand competitively, activate Me as a Solution (Me-aaS) to your brandcomms challenges. Quality guaranteed and up-to-date. Powered by Northern lean.

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Birute Birgelyte | #BRG


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