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Fail fast but pursue perfection. This paradox underlies lean manufacturing. In the culture of success, forward-thinking professionals and businesses have been embracing the fail-fast mindset to develop solutions optimized for market needs. Fast failures are not in fact failures but part of the learning process, which helps streamline the production process and reach the perfect version of one’s work. Fast failures provide valuable insights into the quality of one’s work and help pinpoint must-does. The paradox of fast failure can in fact help succeed long-term. The efficiency of the lean production process cannot be achieved without fully embracing the challenge of failure and continuous improvement. 

I am exploring the potential of lean manufacturing in the context of English communications. I provide 3 fail-fast e-services: (1) communications consultations, (2) English classes and (3) proofreading services. I prioritize the lean efficiency of the e-services in a personalized format. My aim is to help navigate successfully in an increasingly interconnected world, both for personal and professional reasons. I believe that the fail-fast concept can ensure the effectiveness and high information value of English communications. English also grants access to vast international opportunities and digitally-stored information. To unlock all these opportunities, take the shortcut: lean.

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Birute Birgelyte | #BRG


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